A criação poética da paisagem portuguesa em Carlos Queiroz

Sep 28, 2018 | Chapters, Publications

A criação poética da paisagem portuguesa em Carlos Queiroz

  • Maria Mota Almeida & Sandra Escobar
  • A Paisagem Como Problema: Conhecer para Proteger, Gerir e Ordenar (Volume IV)
  • Pedro Fidalgo (Coord.)
  • 2018
  • Lisbon: Instituto de História Contemporânea
  • Language: Portuguese
  • ISBN: 978-989-98388-7-1
  • Pages: 161-178

In 1940, upon the Commemoration of the Centenary, the SPN (Secretariado de Propaganda Nacional) National Propaganda Office published the work Landscapes and Monuments of Portugal by Luiz Reis Santos and Carlos Queiroz, which aimed at making the Portuguese natural and cultural heritage better known. The latter author wrote The Portuguese Landscape, which became a text of its own separate from the joint work in its latest edition. The objective of the present article is to analyze the representation of landscape carried out by author, i.e. to find out how he transforms the visual space through an aesthetic appreciation. This analysis is going to be developed around Alain Roger’s concept of landscape as artialization of nature, which we believe to be present in Carlos Queirozs poetical landscapes.

Landscape; Heritage; Identity; Aesthetics


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