O impacto das tecnologias militares na percepção e formação da paisagem

Sep 28, 2018 | Chapters, Publications

O impacto das tecnologias militares na percepção e formação da paisagem

  • Carlos Alves Lopes
  • A Paisagem Como Problema: Conhecer para Proteger, Gerir e Ordenar (Volume I)
  • Pedro Fidalgo (Coord.)
  • 2018
  • Lisbon: Instituto de História Contemporânea
  • Language: Portuguese
  • ISBN: 978-989-98388-7-1
  • Pages: 304-324

Although present-day society has a sense of the size of the Earth, this same notion has varied over time and has been different in every age. While cognitive process depended on technological evolution, the space-time perspective has been a social construction throughout the history of humanity.
In this context, the analysis of military history intersects with studies of geography, with regard to the conception of the human scale in relation to the dimensions of space that surrounds it, as well as the speed of displacement of objects and the transmission of information.
The idea of annihilation of space by time in Karl Max’s book “The Capital” was later developed by geographer David Harvey in his book “The Condition of Postmodernity and Spaces of Capital”, where space- time and the implications on economy, culture and society were expressed.

Technology; Great War; Space time; Landscapes


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