Education & Training

Education & Training

One of the priorities of the IHC is training and education, both in formal and non-formal contexts, undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Undergraduate degrees


Students enrolled at the FCSH’s History degree make first contact with advanced research through the courses in the Modern and Contemporary History. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to attend colloquiums, lectures, and other initiatives promoted by the IHC and also to participate in our research projects.


Master's degrees


FCSH’s Master’s Degree in Contemporary History or the Specialization in Contemporary History (19th and 20th Centuries) have been running continuously for more than 30 years, benefiting from the close partnership between the History Department and the IHC. Many of the dissertations resulting therefrom were published in book form and granted several awards and honourable mentions in the field of contemporary history.

Postgraduate studies


Our critical mass in some specialised areas of research has enabled us to promote the creation of two postgraduate courses at the FCSH (which are dependent on a minimum number of enrolled students in order to open).



By enrolling in the Area of Specialization in Contemporary History (19th and 20th Centuries) of the FCSH Doctoral Degree in History, students have the possibility of becoming integrated researchers at the IHC, relying on the scientific supervision or co-supervision of our researchers, benefiting from the IHC’s financial support (e.g. for the attendance of international meetings or support for publication in a foreign language) and to have the IHC as host institution in scholarship applications.

Summer School


IHC researchers are regularly responsible for various courses within the FCSH’s Summer School, which usually runs from July to September. Examples can be found here.

Open Courses


Since its founding, the IHC regularly offers open courses, usually running from two days or a week, bringing in national and international experts who are able to present syntheses or state-of-the-art presentations of the subjects they deal with. The IHC’s Summer Course is one of these initiatives of reference in our field, with many of their proceedings already published in book form.



The research seminars are an important forum for sharing and discussing the work produced by IHC researchers and academics other institutions, both national and international. Some seminars seek to have a more transversal scope, others have a more specific focus. Whether they function by enrolment or not, they all provide opportunities for updating knowledge and access to key debates in various historiographic fields.


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