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Elisabete J. Santos Pereira holds a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science with a specialisation in Museology (2017).

Author of the book “Colecionismo Arqueológico e Redes de Conhecimento: Actores Colecções e Objectos 1850-1930” published in 2018 (Colecção Estudos de Museus), she was distinguished in 2019 by the European Association of History Educators (EuroClio) and Evens Foundation for her inclusive pedagogical strategy for secondary school students: “Using object biographies to reveal how our pasts are interconnected” (project ‘Sharing European Histories‘). She has published articles and chapters in national and international journals and publishers, such as Museum History Journal, Antiquités Nationales, Techniche Universität Dresden, História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos. She is co-coordinator of the Dictionary Quem é Quem na Museologia Portuguesa [Who’s Who in Portuguese Museology] and principal researcher of the project “TRANSMAT — Transnational materialities (1850-1930): reconstituting collections and connecting histories.” (PTDC / FER-HFC / 2793/2020), funded in 2020 by the FCT.

Her participation as a researcher in international projects such as «Museum Networks: People, Itineraries And Collections» (Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Germany), «Educational and scientific challenges of the Spanish Second Republic» (Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities of Spain) and European Researcher’s Night 2021 (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions) are also highlights.

Research fields

  • History of science
  • History of collections and scientific collectionism
  • Objects’ biographies
  • Museology

Selected publications

  • Pereira, Elisabete J. Santos, Christine Lorre & Barbara Armbruster. “Le torque en or d’Évora : itinéraire d’un objet de prestige, du Portugal au musée d’Archéologie nationale,” Antiquités Nationales 50 (2021).
  • Pereira, Elisabete, “Using object biographies to reveal how our pasts are interconnected,” in Sharing European Histories, edited by Katria Tomko, Steven Stegers, Marjolein Delvou and Hanna Zielinska, 14-29. The Hague: Euroclio / Evens Foundation, 2021. [PDF]
  • Pereira, Elisabete J. Santos, Maria Margaret Lopes & Maria de Fátima Nunes. “‘Collective wisdom’ at the National Archaeological Museum in Portugal,” Museum History Journal 12 (2019): 171-191. [link]
  • Pereira, Elisabete J. Santos. Colecionismo Arqueológico e Redes de Conhecimento: Atores, Coleções e Objetos (1850-1930). Casal de Cambra: Caleidoscópio, 2018. [link]

Main projects

  • Coorditator of the project “TRANSMAT — Transnational materialities (1850-1930): reconstituting collections and connecting histories” — Hosted bu the IHC — University of Évora and funded by the Foundation for Science and Tecnology (PTDC /FER-HFC /2793/2020).
  • Collaborator in the project “Desafíos educativos y científicos de la Segunda República Española: internacionalización, popularización, innovación en universidades e institutos” [Educational challenges of the Spanish Second Republic] — Coordinated by Leoncio López-Ocón (Instituto de Historia — CSIC) and Álvaro Ribagorda (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and funded by the Spanish National Research Agency (PGC2018-097391-B-I00). [link]
  • Researcher in the project “Sharing European Histories” — Hosted by EuroClio — European Association of History Educators and funded by Evens Foundation. [link]
  • Member of the project “Museums Networks: People, Itineraries and Collections (1770-1920)” — Coordinated by Irina Podgorny (CONICET – Museo de La Plata, Universidad Nacional de La Plata) and funded bu the Humboldt Foundation (Germany). 2016- [link]


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