50 Years 25 April

Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974 and the independence of the Portuguese colonies


In 2024, 50 years will be celebrated since the revolution of 25 April 1974, which put an end to 48 years of dictatorship in Portugal. The IHC couldn’t miss the call and so we’ve launched a programme of scientific, educational, and cultural activities to mark this key event in Portugal’s history. Since 2023, the IHC has already started organising activities around this anniversary and will continue to do so until 2026, while also marking events such as the independence of the Portuguese colonies and the approval of the democratic Constitution.

We are have also planned a multifaceted set of activities in partnership with school communities — meetings, debates, lectures, commented film screenings, among others — using our researchers who specialise in the history of the recent past: “Freedom is at School”. In schools, we want to encourage discussions about the nature of the dictatorial and colonial regime and the history of resistance, about the revolutionary process in all its expressions — economic, social, political, and cultural —, the transformation of everyday life, the status of women, among other topics related to 25 April 1974.




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