IHC’s Mission


The Institute of Contemporary History is dedicated to the study, training and dissemination of modern and contemporary history. It develops an intense activity in the contexts of the conceptualization, contextualization, and interpretation of modern and contemporary historical reality, from the nineteenth century to the present, including the history of the present.


As a general mission, it adopts these aims:

  • To develop and promote the study and research of modern and contemporary History, in general, and of the history of Portugal, both in the national and international frameworks, adjusting the principles and priorities of its scientific programme to the training of researchers and the dissemination of their results;
  • To contribute to the promotion of historical culture, through projects with a scientific and disseminating nature, using various communication platforms, from conventional publications to new information technologies;
  • To intensify the degree and means of internationalisation of research on modern and contemporary history, stimulating exchanges, developing partnerships and networks, and promoting comparative analysis and interdisciplinarity.


As specific aims, it also proposes to:

  • Ensure the teaching and training in the fields of modern and contemporary history in the Department of History of NOVA FCSH and to collaborate with other disciplinary areas in various initiatives, both regarding training and dissemination;
  • Constitute a body of top quality researchers, competitive and international, capable of ensuring the renewal and extension of the field of research within modern and contemporary history;
  • Create and participate in partnerships and networks that enable and enhance the activity of the IHC;
  • Foster a culture of critical and plural debate, through seminars and other initiatives where research results can be discussed;
  • Welcome, integrate, and support students in the development of their scientific work and in their postgraduate training.


In its relationship with society, the IHC intends to:

  • Offer meetings and advanced training courses, dedicated to the scientific and pedagogical update of modern and contemporary history and aimed at history professionals and the general public;
  • Provide services and develop research projects in the various fields of competence of the IHC researchers;
  • Promote the scientific debate and the circulation of knowledge and ideas through active interventions in society, fostering a respect for culture, memory, and tangible and intangible heritage.


Institute of Contemporary History
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 Tel.: +351 21 7908300 ext. 1545
Email: ihc@fcsh.unl.pt


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