Luís Trindade



Luís Trindade is a Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History, NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities / IN2PAST – Associate Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Heritage, Arts, Sustainability and Territory. Previously, he was Professor of Portuguese and European Studies at Birkbeck, University of London (between 2007 and 2019), and of Contemporary History at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra, between 2020 and 2023. In the academic year 2006-2007, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

In Birkbeck, he was a board member of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities and the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image. He was also coordinator of the Research Group on Cultures, Identities, and Power and of the Thematic Line Modern Mediations at the IHC, as well as vice-coordinator of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Coimbra.

He has published O Estranho Caso do Nacionalismo Português. O salazarismo entre a política e a literatura [The Strange Case of Portuguese Nationalism] (2008), Narratives in Motion. Journalism and modernist events in 1920s Portugal (2016), and Silêncio Aflito. A sociedade portuguesa através da música popular (dos anos 40 aos anos 70) [Portuguese society through popular music] (2022). He has developed research in the areas of nationalism, Marxism, cinema, and other aspects of popular culture in Portugal in the 20th century.

Research Fields

  • Cultural history
  • Theory of history
  • Historical mediations

Selected publications

  • Trindade, Luís. “A Ciné-Geography of Militant Cinema in the age of Three Worlds. Making Global History Appear in the Long 1960s,” Interventions 25 (2023): 253-271. [link]
  • Trindade, Luís. Silêncio Aflito. A sociedade portuguesa através da música popular (dos anos 40 aos anos 70). Lisbon: Tinta da China, 2022. [link]
  • Trindade, Luís. “Vicarious passions: the private life of Hollywood stars in 1950s Portuguese magazines,” European Review of History: Revue européenne d’histoire 27 (2020): 429-449. [link]
  • Trindade, Luís. “ What Shall I Do With This Sword? Narrative, Speech and Politics in the Carnation Revolution,” Cultural and Social History 14 (2017): 397-413. [link]

Main projects

  • Researcher in the project “ORFEU (1956-1983): The Politics and aesthetics of popular music production and consumption in modern Portugal” — Coordinated by Salwa Castelo-Branco (INET-md) and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC/ART-OUT/32320/2017). 2028-2021 [link]
  • Coordinator of the project “Portuguese Culture and the Globalization of Sound and Image. A history of audiovisual culture in Portugal from the 1950s to the 1990s” — Hosted by the IHC – NOVA FCSH and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (IF/00966/2014). 2015-2020
  • Researcher in the project “The Making of State Power in Portugal: Institutionalization Processes from 1890 to 1986” — Coordinated by José Neves (IHC – NOVA FCSH) and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC/HIS-HIS/104166/2008). 2010-2013


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