Modern Mediations

Thematic line:
Modern Mediations: Arts, Technology, and Communication

Coordinator: Giulia Strippoli


The cultural turn and the development of visual studies have opened history to new objects and archives, including audiovisual sources. This is particularly visible in a renewed attention to the role of images in modern history. This thematic line brings together researchers involved in different forms of historical representation, combining long-standing research on the press and circulation of discourses, documentary film, performance, curatorial practices, or literary atlases, and a growing interest in popular music.

This focus represents a robust move towards interdisciplinary exchange with neighbouring disciplines (art history, film and media studies, ethnomusicology) and cultural and artistic institutions. In this sense, more than a set of tools to represent reality, modern mediations are here seen as reality itself, in a period marked by the constitutive role of language, images, and sounds in social life and modernisation.


To be announced in January 2019, in the framework of the IHC’s new strategic plan (2018-2022).


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