Giulia Strippoli


Culture, Identities, and Power



Giulia Strippoli received her PhD in History (2012, Università degli Studi di Torino). From 2019, she is a researcher in contemporary history at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH), as an integrated researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC).

She carried out research and published mainly on contemporary Italian and Portuguese history, western communist parties, student movements, political biographies of militants, the leftist groups of the sixties and the seventies. She is currently working on two research projects, on the memories of the communists and on the connections between gender, socialism and decolonization.

Research fields

  • Socialism and Communism
  • Feminisms
  • Gender
  • Decolonization
  • Left-wing militancy

Selected publications

  • Strippoli, Giulia. “‘Be a better communist’. A militant life history,” Twentieth Century Communism, 16 (2019). [link]
  • Strippoli, Giulia. “Portugal : un mouvement étudiant dans un contexte de dictature,” Matériaux pour l’histoire de notre temps, 127-128 (2018): 30-35. [link]
  • Strippoli, Giulia. “Lotta Continua e il processo rivoluzionario portoghese,” Estudos Italianos em Portugal, 9 (2014): 47-61. [PDF]
  • Strippoli, Giulia. Il partito e il movimento. Comunisti europei alla prova del Sessantotto. Roma: Carocci Editore, 2013. [link]

Main projects

  • Individual project “Memories from the East. Western communists and their collections from the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc” — Hosted by the IHC under the framework of the Transitional Norm of the Law 57/2017. 2019-
  • Collaborator in the project “How Women’s Rights Became Human Rights: Gender, Socialism, and Post-Socialism in Global History, 1917-2017” — Coordinated by Celia Donert (University of Liverpool) and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. [link]




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