Catarina Teixeira

MSc /MA, PhD Candidates


Catarina Teixeira has a degree in Conservation and Restoration from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Tomar, a Master’s degree in Museology from the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities and is currently a doctoral student in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Évora. She has been working on conservation of collections in museums since 2001 and in scientific collections since 2010 at the National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon, the field in which her specialization has been focused.

Research fields

  • Heritage conservation
  • Scientific collections
  • Museology
  • History of science

Selected publications

  • Teixeira, Catarina, David M. Waterhouse, Laura Moura & Pedro Andrade. “Displaying a taxidermy rhinoceros in a museum: the Lisbon conservation approach,” Conservar Património 33 (2020): 10–23. [link] 🔓
  • Pascoal, Ana Mehnert & Ana Catarina Teixeira Silva. “O patrimônio cultural da Universidade de Lisboa à luz de um novo levantamento e de nova identidade: breve reflexão sobre os seus resultados,” Museologia e Patrimônio 10 (2017): 205-215. [link] 🔓

Main projects

  • O ‘Museu de Anatomia’ da Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa (1825-1970): a biografia de um acervo invisível” [The ‘Anatomy Museum’ of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (1825-1970): the biography of an invisible collection] — PhD thesis to be presented to the University of Évora, supervised by Elisabete Pereira (IHC — University of Évora). Individual PhD project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (2021.07319.BD). 2021-



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