João Luís Sequeira


Economy and Society




Graduated and Master in Archaeology from the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, doctoral student in History – Heritage at the University of Minho under the supervision of José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro, with the thesis “Humanizing Industrial Archeology”. This project was funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology in the 2021 doctoral scholarships competition, and is hosted by the CICS.NOVA and IHC research centres.

Author and co-author of several papers and the book titled “Arqueologia Contemporânea em Portugal (séculos XIX e XX)” [Contemporary Archeology in Portugal (19th and 20th centuries)], he has participated in corporate archaeological interventions  and in research projects such as the IH4Future at Fábrica de Pólvora de Vale de Milhaços.

Research fields

  • Contemporary archaeology
  • Industrial archaeology
  • Archaeological Theory

Selected publications

  • Figueiredo, João & João Sequeira. “Millennials, ou… Os Professores que Odeiam os Alunos,” Al-Madan Online 24 (2021): 98-102. [PDF]
  • Sequeira, João Luís & Tânia Manuel Casimiro. “Portable Steam Engines and Traction Engines and Their Use in Rural Areas: The Case of Lezíria Ribatejana, Portugal,” Industrial Archaeology Review 40 (2018): 11-17. [link]
  • Sequeira, João Luís Pacheco Branco. “De Almeirim à CUF : os empreendimentos fabris do Visconde da Junqueira.” Master’s in Archaeology Dissertation presented to the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2015. [PDF]


Main projects

  • Humanizar a arqueologia industrial – Desigualdade, identidade e conflito na fábrica e as inter-relações no património arqueológico industrial do Século XX” — PhD thesis to be presented to the University of Minho, supervised by José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro (CICS.NOVA) and hosted by the IHC and CICS.NOVA. Individual PhD project funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (2021.07460.BD). 2022-


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