Economy and Society

Research Group: Economy and Society

Coordination: Bruno Zorek

The Economy and Society Research Group promotes critical reflection and dialogue between Economic History, Social History, Intellectual History, Science Studies, Historical Sociology, Political Economy and Anthropology. Its researchers are dedicated to the study of various topics, including issues of gender, labour, migration, sports, military history, associativism, technology, economic thinking, heritage, or inequality, seeking to contribute to a more accurate knowledge of the contemporary economic and social

The group’s initiatives span several temporal and spatial scales, questioning both the criteria that govern historical periodization and the existing relationships between the local, the national, and the global, without losing sight of the main theoretical and methodological debates that cross the fields of History and Social Sciences.





Integrated Researchers


Collaborating Researchers


Research fields

▪ Economic history
▪ History of economic thinking
▪ Political economy
▪ Historical sociology
▪ Social history

Image: Textil plant in Portugal. Photographs of Marshall Plan Activities in Europe and Africa, ca. 1948 – ca. 1989. US National Archives at College Park (Source)


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