Daniel Alves is an Assistant Professor at the History Department in the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH), Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and a researcher in the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC).

He has an MA in 19th Century History (2001) and a PhD in Economic and Social Contemporary History (2010). He has collaborated in several projects funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, and the European Science Foundation. He has a special interest in the study of the lower middle-classes between 1870 and 1914, in the History of Revolutions, Urban History, and Historical GIS. He published several books and papers in Portuguese and international peer review journals, mainly about economic and social history, and Historical GIS.

He is the coordinator of IHC’s Digital Humanities Lab.

Áreas de Investigação

  • História económica e social
  • História das revoluções
  • História urbana
  • Humanidades digitais

Publicações destacadas

  • Alves, Daniel, Ana Paula Barreira, Maria Helena Guimarães & Thomas Panagopoulos. “Historical Trajectories of Currently Shrinking Portuguese Cities: A Typology of Urban Shrinkage,” Cities 52 (2016): 20–29. [link]
  • Alves, Daniel. “Introduction: Digital Methods and Tools for Historical Research,” International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing 8 (2014): 1-12. [link]
  • Alves, Daniel, & Ana Isabel Queiroz. “Studying Urban Space and Literary Representations Using GIS: Lisbon, Portugal, 1852-2009,” Social Science History 37 (2013): 457–81. [link]
  • Alves, Daniel. A República atrás do balcão: os Lojistas de Lisboa e o fim da Monarquia (1870-1910). Chamusca: Edições Cosmos, 2012. [link]

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