Wilson Ricardo Mingorance


History, Territory, and Environment



He was born in the city of Jundiaí (São Paulo, Brazil), in 1985.

Academically, he graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration (2003-2006); completed a Degree in History (2008-2013) at the Federal University of São Paulo, focused on the preservation of memory and historical heritage, especially textual and iconographic archives; completed a Masters in Documentation and Information Sciences at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon (FLUL, 2017-2019); is a PhD student in History (Historical Archivistics) at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH).

In his professional career, he was an intern at the Memory Center of the State University of Campinas (2009-2010) and at the Historical and Cultural Museum of Jundiaí (2010-2012); technical assistant at the Secretariat of Justice and Defence of Citizenship of the State of São Paulo (2012-2014); technical director of the Administrative Archive Center of the Public Archive of the State of São Paulo (2015-2017); History teacher in the Technical Course of Tourism Guide at the School of National Service for Commercial Learning (08/2015 and 06/2017); technical resident in Museological Management at the Monographic Museum of Conimbriga (12/2014-01/2015); intern at FLUL’s Archives and Manuscripts Center (02/2018-06/2018). Currently; is an archivist at the Foundation Casa de Mateus (since 2018).

He is an integrated researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History’s research group in History, Territory, and Environment — NOVA FCSH.

Research fields

  • Historical Archivistics
  • Contemporary history
  • Documentation and information sciences
  • Historiography

Selected publications

  • Mateus, Carla, Jaime Grácio Nôro & Wilson Ricardo Mingorance. “Digitalização documental: Uma proposta do senado brasileiro,” Humanidades & Tecnologia em Revista 21 (2020): 105-126. [PDF]
  • Mingorance, Wilson Ricardo. “Leituras de José Marianno Filho sobre a arte, a arquitetura e a cidade do século XIX no Brasil,” 19&20 VIII (2013). [PDF]

Main projects

  • Co-coordinator of the  project “Memórias Póstumas da Cidade” (with Vânia Feitosa) — Funded by the City Council of Jundiaí (Brazil). 2014 [link]
  • Researcher in the project “Cine História: a História do Brasil através do Cinema” — Hosted by the Federal University of São Paulo and funded by the Foundation of Support to the Federal University of São Paulo (PRAE 08/2011, Brazil). 2011
  • Researcher in the development project of the Museum of Metallurgists of Jundiaí — Funded by Cine a Vapor Produções (Brazil).



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