History, Territory, and Environment






Research group: History, Territory, and Environment

Coordination: Paulo Jorge Fernandes

The researchers that comprise this group have been working on a plurality of historical objects which include the State, politics, population, the populating of territory, economy, cities, environment, and digital humanities. Although its activity has “the long 19th century”, as defined by Eric Hobsbawn, as its starting point, the chronological boundaries covered are flexible, the emphasis being placed on a long term approach. The scales of analysis go from local studies to the Portuguese national space, and include the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. Former Portuguese colonial spaces are also considered.

As the results of our research show, the work we have been developing has, in fact, an interdisciplinary nature, cross-cutting to several domains of History, including among the co-authors of several works, colleagues of several fields of History, Geographic Information Sciences, Literature, and Biology.



  • Our main goals are to differentiate this research group within the IHC through the recovery and deepening of subjects that have been less studied by current historiography and to introduce new perspectives in the research agenda, such as Environmental History and Digital Humanities.
  • We further aim to make the group grow in a balanced way through the recruiting of new master’s and PhD students, to integrate the group in a set of activities to be developed for the celebrations of the Bicentenary of the 1820 Revolution, to continue the Permanent Seminar “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity? The Time of Revolutions”, to develop a researcher project to be submitted for funding, open to the participation of several researchers of the group, and to encourage them to strengthen their commitment to the presentation of their own projects.
  • We also want to intensify the process of internationalisation of our outputs through the publication in prominent international journals.
  • In the next five years, we aspire for this research group to be recognised by its peers, in Portugal and abroad, in its fields of work, for its analytical perspectives and its research methods.


Research fields

▪ The long nineteenth century;
▪ Environment;
▪ Territory;
▪ Digital Humanities.


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