The IHC Board of Directors is composed of six members, elected on 15 May 2017:

President: Pedro Aires Oliveira

Vice-Presidents: José Neves and Maria de Fátima Nunes

Members: Ana Paula Pires, Maria Inácia Rezola, and Paulo Jorge Fernandes

Fotografia dos membros da Direcção do IHC

(From left to right) José Neves, Maria Inácia Rezola, Maria de Fátima Nunes, Pedro Aires Oliveira, Ana Paula Pires, and Paulo Jorge Fernandes.


The General Assembly has a Board of three members:

President: Fernando Rosas

Vice-President: Maria Cândida Proença

Secretary: Maria Inês Queiroz


The Supervisory Board has three members:

President: José Pedro Sousa Dias

Member: Cristina Rodrigues

Member: Luís Farinha


The IHC has a multidisciplinary scientific management team of six:

– Ângela Pacheco – IHC’s assistant at the University of Évora
✉️  //  📞 +351 266 740 800 ext. 54 312

– Diana Barbosa – Science communication officer and press officer
✉️  //  📞 ext. 1212

– Isabel Quinn – Financial management and research team management
✉️  //  📞 ext. 1545

– Maria João Laranjeiro – Board management advisor and financial management
✉️  //  📞 ext. 1545

– Susana Domingues – History Lab
✉️  //  📞 ext. 1545

– Vasco Marques – Scientific outputs management, fundraising, and pre-award
✉️  //  📞 ext. 1212



The Permanent External Scientific Advisory Committee (CEPAC) carries out monitoring and advisory functions on the research activities developed in the framework of the IHC.

It is composed of four academics:


Institute of Contemporary History
Av. Berna, 26 C 1069-061 LISBOA
 Tel.: +351 21 7908300 ext. 1545


Monday to Friday
10.00h - 13.00h / 14.00h - 18.00h


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