IHC welcomes new researchers and renews the agenda of its groups

Jul 26, 2023 | News

Over the past year, the IHC has welcomed a significant number of new researchers and reshaped its internal organisation, culminating in the approval of a new Regulation in December 2022 and the restructuring of its Research Groups. These changes are already reflected on the Institute’s official website.

The IHC research team is currently divided into four Research Groups, each with its own scientific profile, which is also reflected in their preferred geographies and chronologies: Political History – Regimes, Transitions, and Memory; Economy and Society – State, Classes, and Gender; Culture – Power, Mediations, and Arts; and History of Science, Technology, and Environment.

Through the FCT’s Individual and Institutional Calls to Scientific Employment Stimulus, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, and internal competitions, among others, we have integrated, in recent months, more than a dozen researchers of different nationalities and at different stages of their careers. Among them are: Alba Comino, Anita Buhin, António Araújo, Elisa Lopes da Silva, Elisa Scaraggi, Inês Gomes, Jesus Bohorquez, José Miguel Ferreira, Luís Trindade, Marta Macedo, Marta Silva, Pedro Abreu, Raquel Ribeiro, Rui Cunha Martins, Tijl Vanneste, and Victor Barros.

The research agenda of the IHC continues to be enriched by the incorporation of new members, broadening the disciplinary and chronological scope of the research carried out at the Institute, while reinforcing the main areas of disciplinary action and continuing to encourage the use of Digital Humanities methodologies, as well as action in the Public Sphere of the Institute.


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