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24out(out 24)1:30 pm25(out 25)6:00 pmArchives in the Age of Digital HumanitiesInternational Conference1:30 pm - 6:00 pm (25) Rua do Cardeal Rei, 6 — 7000-645 ÉvoraTipologia do Evento:Conferência

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Uma conferência internacional, organizada pelo IHC e o CIDEHUS, sobre a relação entre a investigação histórica, fontes e meios digitais. Chamada aberta até 30 de Junho 15 de Julho.


Archives in the Age of Digital Humanities
University of Évora, 24-25 October 2018


An increasingly significant part of the current documentary memory is being digitized in the Information Technology (ICT) systems of private companies and public institutions, on servers connected to the global network, as well as on our computers and mobile devices. At the same time, files inherited from the past are subjected to digital conversion processes and become increasingly accessible over the Internet. To discuss the relationship between historical research, sources and digital means, means to confront a rapidly changing access to information dynamics, as well as to trace some lines of possible criticism of digital sources capable of providing the historian and not only with the essential tools for analysis and interpretation to face the complex technological, cultural and social stratifications of the new digital era.



24 October

13h30 – Registration

14h00 – Opening Ceremony
Maria de Fátima Nunes, Universidade de Évora (IHC-CEHFCi-UÉ)

14h15-15h00 – Opening Conference
Daniel Ribeiro Alves, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (IHC – NOVA FCSH) – Creating, using or re-using? A Digital Humanities approach to the First World War online archives.

15h00-16h00 – Session 1
Discussant: Antónia Conde, Universidade de Évora

Péricles Santos Matos, Universidade Federal de São João del Rey-MG & Silvio Tamaso d’Onofrio, Universidade de São Paulo (USP) – Studying Intellectual Archives with Methodologies of the 21st Century.
William de Carvalho Silva, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) – Bases de dados digitais: construção, uso e preservação.
Gilda Nicolai, University of Tuscia – The public archives of local authorities and the digital: the challenges for Italy.

16h00-17h15 – Session 2
Discussant: Elisabete Pereira, Universidade de Évora (IHC-CEHFCi-UÉ)

Beatrice Romiti, University Sapienza of Rome – Problems and methodologies in contemporary private archives.
Gianluca Bocchino, University Sapienza of Rome – The private collection of stage costumes by the dancer Jia Ruskaja.
Giuseppe Motta, University Sapienza of Rome – Jia Ruskaja and the October Revolution.
Maria Federighi, University of Bari – For a new approach to preservation and digitization of composite material.

17h15-17h30 – Coffee break

17h30-18h30 – Session 3
Discussant: Maria de Fátima Nunes, Universidade de Évora (IHC-CEHFCi-UÉ)

Marcelo Nogueira de Siqueira, Universidade de Coimbra – Artigos científicos sobre humanidades digitais nos periódicos em ciência da informação no brasil e em Portugal.
Fernando Luís Gameiro, (RAEEV) Universidade de Évora – A diversificação de fontes em suporte digital nos arquivos da Rede de Arquivos Escolares de Évora (RAEEV).
Martin Jemelka & BC. Tomáš Gecko, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic – International Correspondence Networks in Digital Age: T. G. Masaryk and the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

18h30-19h30 – Session 4
Discussant: Sara Albuquerque, Universidade de Évora (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)

Nadine King Chambers, University of Central Lancashire – From Here You Can Sense The Sea: A Paper Archive Sojourner’s Notes to Black Digital Humanities.
Shreesha Udupa, Akal University Punjab – Industrialization of Memory, Digital Hermeneutics and the Intimations of Mnemocultures.
Rita Cachado, CIES/ Universidade de Lisboa & Sónia Vespeira de Almeida, CRIA-NOVA FCSH – Arquivar o terreno: os antropólogos e os seus debates.


25 October

09h00-10h00 – Session 5 – Efemeridade, impermanência e transformação no Arquivo Digital da PO.EX
Discussant: Nelson Vaquinhas, Universidade de Évora and CIDEHUS

Rui Torres, Universidade Fernando Pessoa – Sobre arquivos e arquivos digitais.
Bruno Ministro, Universidade de Coimbra – Abílio José Santos, António Aragão, César Figueiredo e a poesia experimental.
Sandra Guerreiro Dias, Universidade de Coimbra – Taxonomia e organização do Arquivo Digital da PO.EX.

10h00-11h00 – Session 6
Discussant: Daniel Alves, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (IHC – NOVA FCSH)

Bekeh Utetiang Ukelina, University of New York & Tori Omega, Colorado State University – Crowdsourcing and Digitizing Humanist Data: The African Development Digital Archive.
Vera Ferreira, Sophie Salffner & Mandana Seyfeddinipur, Endangered Languages Archive SOAS – University of London – An example of preservation, dissemination and promotion of the world’s linguistic diversity.
Aleksandar Zlatanov, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski – The Digitization of the Bulgarian public archives –condition and perspectives.

11h00-11h15 – Coffee break

11h15-12h30 – Session 7
Discussant: Elisabetta Girotto, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (IHC – NOVA FCSH)

Carlos Nuno, Filipa Subtil, Jorge Souto, Júlia Leitão de Barros & Sandra Pereira, Escola Superior de Comunicação Social do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa – Memória oral e digitalização. O caso do AMOPC.
Daniele Amado, Escola de Ciências Sociais FGV/ CPDOC – “E ele voltou!”: O arquivo pessoal de Getúlio Vargas, da FGV CPDOC, e as novas possibilidades de difusão e ensino de História.
Vanessa Hannesschläger, Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities of the Austrian Academy of Sciences – Archival Self-Perception or Cultural Identity 2.0: An Austrian Case Study.
Armando Quintas & Carlos Filipe, CECHAP / CIDEHUS – Universidade de Évora – Património e História da Indústria dos Mármores. Arquivo Digital entre a Memória e o Futuro.

12h30- 13h30 – Session 8
Discussant: Paulo Batista, Universidade de Évora and CIDEHUS

Álvaro Matos, Centro de Investigação em Informação, Comunicação e Cultura Digital and IHC – NOVA FCSH – A Hemeroteca Digital de Lisboa: perspectivas, limites e impactos da revolução tecnológica no estudo das ciências sociais e humanas (2005-2015).
Martina Spohr Gonçalves, Escola de Ciências Sociais/CPDOC da Fundação Getúlio Vargas – Digitalização e preservação digital no acervo do CPDOC.
Despina Magkanari, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences – Indexing Byzantium.

13h30-14h30 – Lunch

14h30-15h30 – Session 9
Discussant: Alícia Duhá Lose, Universidade Federal da Bahia

Helder Caixinha, Rosário Pestana & Helena Marinho, Universidade de Aveiro – Connecting the worlds of music with a shared ICT infrastructure for a digital archive deployment, a collaborative research support tool and a deliverables’ dissemination platform.
Ana Bigotte Vieira, IHC – NOVA FCSH and Centro de Estudos de Teatro – Universidade de Lisboa, & Sílvia Pinto Coelho, Instituto de Comunicação da Nova – ICNOVA – Tipologias de Arquivos Digitais nas Artes Performativas: a Knowledge Base TKB.
Eleonora Todde, University of Cagliari – Electronic signatures and IT documents in Italian legislation from 1997 as of today.

15h30-16h30 – Session 10
Discussant: Maria Inácia Rezola, IHC – NOVA FCSH and ESCS/IPL

Said Ennahid al Akhawayn, University in Ifrane – Ancient Manuscripts in the Age of Digital Humanities: Digitization Programs at Public Libraries in Morocco.
Tommaso Maria Rossi, Historical Diocesan Archive of Lucca – Ecclesiastical archives in the Digital Era: challenges and opportunities.
Guilherme Pedro & Sofia Salema, CHAIA – Linking archives – Researching into Malagueira.

16h45-17h00 – Coffee Break

17h00-18h00 – Round table
Discussant: Fernanda Olival, Universidade de Évora and CIDEHUS

Fernanda Bonacho – ESCS
Alícia Duhá Lose, Universidade Federal da Bahia
Maria de Lurdes Rosa, NOVA FCSH
Alfredo Caldeira, Fundação Mário Soares




Call for papers

We invite the submission of proposals that fit into the following thematic axes:

  • The digitization of public and private archives: limits, perspectives, repercussions of the technological revolution on and for the study of social and human sciences.
  • Methods and techniques of digitization and digital preservation: how to scan different documents and organize them into digital files; construction of archives and digital platforms; preservation, curation and obsolescence of digital archives.
  • The impact of information born in digital format: reflection about the impact of documents that are already born in digital format; use of digital-born sources by the various scientific communities and civil society; social networks as sources for the study of the present time.
  • Public use of the digital archive: new historiographic approaches on the impact of digital archives in the humanities and social sciences; the uses of digital archives and new ways of doing research; impact of digital archives in academia and civil society; reflections on the interpretation and manipulation of digital documents.


The selection of the proposals will be carried out by the members of the Scientific Committee, being guided by the objective of guaranteeing the maximum quality, relevance and originality of the works and also taking into account the scientific merit of the proponent(s).

The communication proposals must be presented in a text with a maximum of 500 words (in Portuguese, Spanish or English). Proposers should attach a biographical note of 200 words, indicating their institutional affiliation and an email for contact.

Proposals must be sent in word format to the following address: digitalarchiveconference@gmail.com


Submission Deadline: 30 June 2018 15 July 2018 [extended deadline]
Notification of Acceptance: 13 July 2018 30 July 2018


Organising Committee:

Dália Guerreiro (CIDEHUS-UE)
Daniel Alves (IHC – NOVA FCSH)
Elisabetta Girotto (IHC – NOVA FCSH)
Maria de Fátima Nunes (Universidade de Évora e IHC-CEHFCi-UE)
Maria Inácia Rezola (ESCS-IPL e IHC – NOVA FCSH)
Nelson Vaquinhas (CIDEHUS-UE)
Paulo Batista (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e CIDEHUS-UE)


Executive Committee:

Ângela Salgueiro (IHC-CEHFCi-UE-NOVA FCSH)
Elisabete Pereira (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)
Quintino Lopes (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)
Sara Albuquerque (IHC-CEHFCi-UE)


Scientific Committee:

Alfredo Caldeira (Fundação Mário Soares)
Ana Ribeiro (FLUC)
Daniel Gomes (FCCN)
Fernanda Bonacho (ESCS)
Fernanda Olival (Universidade de Évora e CIDEHUS-UE)
José Camões (FLUL)
Lurdes Rosa (IEM – NOVA FCSH)
Manuela Martins (Universidade do Minho)
Maria Manuel Borges (FLUC)
Paula Ochoa (CHAM – NOVA FCSH)
Pedro Penteado (ANTT)


Cartaz da conferência "Archives in the Age of Digital Humanities"


24 (Quarta-feira) 1:30 pm - 25 (Quinta-feira) 6:00 pm


Universidade de Évora, Colégio do Espírito Santo

Rua do Cardeal Rei, 6 — 7000-645 Évora


Instituto de História Contemporânea — Universidade NOVA de Lisboa e Universidade de Évora e Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades — Universidade de Évora