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Feb 17, 2022 | News

Another important IHC resource was launched this week: the website Modern Mediations: Arts, Technology, and Communication, which aims to be a digital expression of the Institute’s various initiatives related to the homonymous Thematic Line, coordinated by Rui Lopes.

Both the Line and this new platform focus on the discussion, study, and elaboration of different forms of historical representation, inside and outside (and in the interstices) of the academy, with particular emphasis on productive interactions with the field of arts, technological resources, and audiovisual objects.

In a first phase, the platform sought to document, among others, the meetings of the History and Image Workshop (coordinated by  Raquel Schefer), where research is discussed from the visual dimension, and the cycle of conversations Passado em Cena (coordinated by Rui Lopes and Rita Luís), where the approach to the past and historical memory in various contemporary cultural productions have been debated (from theatre to cinema, with upcoming events in other areas).

Coordinated by Catarina Laranjeiro, the site also contains a section with essays by IHC researchers, reflections on the potential and challenges of researching different collections of digital sources.

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