Daniel Alves in the new Board of FCSH

Jul 26, 2021 | News

Daniel Alves was invited to join the team of the new Board of Directors of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at NOVA University Lisbon (FCSH), as Deputy Sub-Director for Technological Infrastructure and Digital Transition. Daniel Alves, researcher at the IHC and Assistant Professor at FCSH, has stood out for his research and pioneering interventions in the field of Digital Humanities.

The new FCSH Board, led by Luís Baptista, was announced on 23 July, after the Director’s election at a meeting of the College Council a month earlier, on 23 June. The Full Professor at the Sociology Department at FCSH was elected for a term of four years and appointed a team consisting of four Sub-Directors and four Deputy Sub-Directors.

In addition to Daniel Alves, will be Deputy Sub-Directors Luís Oliveira Martins (Financial Sustainability and Investment), Joana Cunha Leal (Research and Strategic Plan), and Ana Santos Pinto (Institutional Relations and Social Inclusion). The Sub-Directors will be Teresa Brocardo (Curriculum Management and Students), Carlos F. Clamote Carreto (Planning and Quality), Maria Cardeira da Silva (Internationalization, Culture and Regional Partnerships), and Rui Pedro Julião (Innovation, Value Creation) and Campi Development).

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