Book published by IHC Press wins award

Nov 14, 2023 | News

The book “Entre o Império e a NATO: Portugal e os Estados Unidos da América (1949-1961)” [Between Empire and NATO: Portugal and the United States of America (1949-1961)], by Daniel Marcos, received the 2022 National Defence Prize, awarded by the Ministry of National Defence to “works dedicated to the study and dissemination of achievements and figures in national military history”.

It was published by the IHC Press [Imprensa de História Contemporânea] in 2022 and “addresses the evolution of Portuguese-American relations between 1946 and 1961, taking into account the two aspects that conditioned the relationship between the two countries: the US interest in having the Lajes base in the Azores and the Portuguese government’s commitment to guaranteeing Washington’s support for maintaining its colonial policy.”

The award was presented by the Secretary of State for National Defence, Carlos Lopes Pires, at the opening session of the XXXII Military History Colloquium, organised by the Portuguese Military History Commission, on 7 November at the Military University Institute. José Alves dos Santos was also awarded the same prize, ex-aequo, for his work “150 Anos do Serviço de Administração Militar no Exército” [150 Years of the Military Administration Service in the Army].


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