Amílcar Cabral Prize – 3rd Edition

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Deadline for applications: 26 May 2024
Institutions: Institute of Contemporary History & Padrão dos Descobrimentos — EGEAC



  1. The Amílcar Cabral Prize (henceforth the Prize) is aimed at researchers of any nationality who have recently completed a doctorate at a national or foreign university.
  2. The Prize will be awarded annually, with the Jury able to deliberate its non-attribution whenever the works submitted do so justify this decision.
  3. The Prize is designed to honour an article of historical research that deals with any topic or issue relating to the history of anti-colonial resistance and colonial empires. The article may cover any geographical context in the world and any historical period, from the present day to the 15th century.
  4. The articles submitted should be authored solely the respective candidate and published or accepted for publication in an academic journal (obligatorily indexed in either the SCOPUS or the Web of Science databases), with peer review, and in either Portuguese or English.
  5. Applicants must have completed their doctorate within three calendar years prior to the closing date of the competition.
    In the third edition of the Prize, only those who have completed their doctorate after 25 May 2021 are eligible, and applications must be submitted until 26 May 2024. The results of the Prize will be announced and communicated by 20 July 2024.
  6. The application must be made in the form of a request addressed to the Chair of the Jury, including 1) a declaration that the Jury’s decision on the award will be accepted, 2) the candidate’s identification details, 3) a copy of the doctoral diploma (or equivalent document), and 4) the article submitted to the competition (if applicable, proof that it has been accepted for publication).
  7. Applications should be submitted via the email
  8. The Prize covers the cost of travel and accommodation in Lisbon for a period of up to one month, in addition to other living costs (up to a maximum amount of € 3,000 — three thousand euros).
  9. In the third edition of this Prize, the stay in Lisbon shall take place during the year of 2024, on dates and and in a manner to be agreed between the parties. During this period, the winner will carry out scientific and cultural activities at NOVA FCSH and EGEAC facilities, namely in the Monument to the Discoveries (Padrão dos Descobrimentos).
  10. In the third edition of the Prize, the Jury is:
    Manuela Ribeiro Sanches (Institute of Contemporary History — NOVA FCSH; IN2PAST) — Chair;
    Elísio Macamo (Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Basel) — Member;
    Cristina Roldão (Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology — Iscte-IUL) — Member;
    Catarina Laranjeiro (Institute of Contemporary History — NOVA FCSH; IN2PAST) — Reserve Member.
  11. The Jury’s decision will be taken by majority, always excluding abstentions.
  12. The possibility of the Prize being awarded ex-aequo is excluded.
  13. The jury’s decision is final and there is no possibility of appeal..


You may download the Rules of the Prize HERE (📎 PDF).


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