Jorge Custódio honoured in Santarém

Mar 21, 2024 | News

On 19 March, Jorge Custódio received the Gold Medal of the Municipality of Santarém, his hometown, at a ceremony honouring various individuals and institutions from Santarém, which took place at the Saint Francis Convent.

In announcing the tribute, the Santarém City Council highlighted Jorge Custódio’s work as a professor and historian, as well as his work as a cultural heritage officer, director of the Municipal Project for Santarém’s Candidacy for World Heritage (1994-2002), the Convent of Christ (2002-2007) and the National Railway Museum (2009-2011). Jorge Custódio joined the IHC in 2010 and, despite being now retired, is still very active, currently focusing on coordinating the project to enhance the municipal heritage of the former Marinha Grande Glass Factory and its historical, archaeological and heritage study.

According to the municipality, “the purpose of awarding municipal medals is to honour persons or institutions who have made a significant contribution in the field of local government, in the various branches of science, in cultural and sporting activity, economics, humanitarianism, or other activities of notable importance and whose actions have produced notable benefits for the city and/or the municipality that justify this recognition.”


Photo: Jorge Custódio being greeted by Alfredo Condeço Amante, councillor, after receiving the Gold Medal of the Municipality of Santarém (Credit: O Mirante).


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