Cristina Rodrigues

Other researchers, PhD


She has a degree in Law (Portuguese Catholic University), a master’s degree in Sociology of Work, Organisations and Employment (Iscte-IUL) and a PhD in Sociology of State, Law, and Administration (University of Coimbra). She is a researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History at NOVA University Lisbon. She teaches Public Policy Law on the Masters in Public Policy at Iscte-IUL and Health and Safety at Work at Lusíada University.

Her professional career has been in public administration, initially in a local authority and then in the Institute for Social Reintegration – Ministry of Justice. Since 1996, she has focused mainly on labour and employment issues, and has held various managerial positions within the Ministry of Labour. She currently coordinates the Unemployment Benefit Appeals Committee.

Research fields

  • History of labour
  • Trade unions

Selected publications

  • Brito, José Maria Brandão de & Cristina Rodrigues. A UGT na História do Movimento Sindical Português (1990-2010). Porto: Edições Afrontamento, 2017. [link]
  • Freire, João, Raquel Rego & Cristina Rodrigues. Sociologia do Trabalho – Um aprofundamento. Porto: Afrontamento, 2014.
  • Rodrigues, Cristina. Portugal e a Organização Internacional do Trabalho (1933-1974). Porto: Afrontamento, 2013.
  • Brandão de Brito, José Maria, & Cristina Rodrigues. A UGT na História do Movimento Sindical Português (1970 – 1990). Lisboa: Tinta da China, 2013.
  • Rodrigues, Cristina. Trabalhar em Portugal, 1910-1933: Análise da legislação sobre os direitos dos trabalhadores. Lisboa: Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, 2008.

Main projects

  • Co-coordination, with José Maria Brandão de Brito, of the project “A UGT na História do Movimento Sindical Português 1990-2010” [The UGT in the History of the Portuguese Trade Union Movement 1990-2010] — Hosted by the IHC and funded by UGT – União Geral de Trabalhadores (also with the support of European funding).


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