The future of Contemporary History in debate

Nov 13, 2018 | News

The beginning of the new scientific strategic plan of the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC) serves as a motto for the meeting “Futuros da História – História Contemporânea” [Futures of History – Contemporary History] which will take place on 15 November at the National Library of Portugal.

Throughout one day, which will include plenary lectures, presentations and working meetings, participants will get to know – and debate the future of – the new thematic lines of the IHC, namely: Connected Histories, Colonialism, Anti-Colonialism, and Post -Colonialism; Precarious Worlds and Sustainability; Modern Mediations; and Uses of the Past.

In addition, there will be room for a lecture by Berber Bevernage, on the relationship between historical research and the State, and for a round-table about the state of the art of the Contemporary History of Portugal, with António Costa Pinto, Fátima Sá e Melo Ferreira, and Fernando Rosas.

To conclude the day, Paulo Jorge Fernandes will present the new IHC editorial project, the Imprensa de História Contemporânea [Contemporary History Press], that specialises in the dissemination of original research in the fields of History and Social Sciences focusing on the contemporary period.

Admission is free.


Imagem: Delacroix no 25 de Abril em Atenas, 1975 (Nikias Skapinakis)

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