Raquel Afonso Receives Honourable Mention

Nov 3, 2020 | News

The Master’s thesis in Anthropology “Homossexualidade e Resistência Durante a Ditadura Portuguesa: Estudos de Caso” [Homosexuality and Resistance During the Portuguese Dictatorship: Case Studies], presented by Raquel Afonso Louro at the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Mário Soares Foundation — EDP Foundation 2020 Award.

The young doctoral student is the most recent researcher at the IHC honoured by the Mário Soares Foundation, which instituted this award in 1998, “with the objective of rewarding authors of academic or research work carried out within the scope of the History of Portugal in the 20th century”. In previous years, Pedro Marques Gomes (2019), Ângela Salgueiro (2016) or Yvette Santos (2015), among others, were also awarded this prize.

In addition to Raquel Afonso, Ana Filipa Guardião also received an honourable mention ex-aequo, for the Doctoral Thesis in History “Desafios Coloniais na Construção do Sistema Internacional de Proteção dos Refugiados: Os Processos de Descolonização do Quénia, Argélia e Angola (1950-1975)” [Colonial Challenges in the Construction of the International Refugee Protection System: The Decolonisation Processes of Kenya, Algeria, and Angola (1950- 1975)] (ICS — University of Lisbon). The main prize was awarded to Cátia Tuna, for the Doctoral Thesis in History “Não sei se canto se rezo’: ambivalências culturais e religiosas do fado (1926-1945)” [I don’t know if I sing or if I pray: cultural and religious ambivalences of fado (1926-1945)] (FLUL).

In this edition, the jury was constituted by Rui Vieira Nery (president, INET-md — NOVA FCSH), Bruno Sena Martins (CES — University of Coimbra) and João Carlos Louçã (IHC — NOVA FCSH). The awards ceremony will take place in December, at the headquarters of the Mário Soares Foundation.


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