novembro , 2018

22nov9:00 am7:00 pmIberian radical left, revolutionary and democratic transition processInternational Colloquium9:00 am - 7:00 pm Aljube Museum, Rua de Augusto Rosa, 42 — 1100-059 LisbonTipologia do Evento:Colloquium

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Meeting organised by the IHC, the University of Cádiz, and the Asociación de Historia Actual about the role of the radical left in the Iberian revolutions and transitions.


Iberian radical left, revolutionary and democratic transition
process — breaking and consensus. Comparative perspectives


In the 1970s, when the Iberian dictatorships were over, the constellation of small organizations to the left of the communist parties brought together the intelligence and wills of a generation born in the second post-war, in times of cold war and the development of capitalism and consumer society. They were deeply sectarian and dogmatic, predominantly student-based organizations, ranging from agitation to doctrinairism, accentuating disagreements and multiplying in small and large divisions. The fall of the Iberian dictatorships gave them processes of reconfiguration and growth that allowed them an intervention that has been historically devalued. This Colloquium seeks to re-examine, in a comparative perspective, its role in the processes of democratic transition.



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Invited speakers:

Julio Pérez Serrano (University of Cádiz)
Fernando Rosas (IHC – NOVA FCSH)


📄  Chamada para trabalhos (PDF)
📄  Llamada de ponencias (PDF)
📄  Call for papers (PDF)



Authors’ name and affiliation;
Abstract (max. 500 words);
Keywords: 3 to 5;
Authors’ biographical note (max. 250 words)



Albérico Afonso (IHC – NOVA FCSH; ESE/IPS)
Ana Sofia Ferreira (IHC – NOVA FCSH; ESE/IPS)
Constantino Piçarra (IHC – NOVA FCSH)
João Madeira (IHC – NOVA FCSH)
Julio Pérez Serrano (University of Cádiz; Asociación de Historia Actual)
Miguel Pérez (IHC – NOVA FCSH)



Proposal submission:  15 June 15 July
Proposal acceptance:  8 July 18 July


Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English


Cartaz do congresso "Esquerdas radicais ibéricas, processo revolucionário e transição democrática"


(Quinta-feira) 9:00 am - 7:00 pm


Aljube Museum

Rua de Augusto Rosa, 42 — 1100-059 Lisbon


Institute of Contemporary History - NOVA FCSH, University of Cádiz, and Asociación de Historia Actual