Rui Lopes and Victor Barros publish special dossier about Amílcar Cabral

Dec 4, 2020 | News

The prestigious journal The International History Review has just published (Vol. 42, No. 6) the dossier “Amílcar Cabral and the Liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde: International, Transnational, and Global Dimensions“, co-organised by Rui Lopes and Victor Barros.

In addition to the introduction written by the organisers, the dossier contains five original articles “articulating the liberation struggle of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde with international relations, transnational movements and global history, from pan-Africanist and anti-colonial debates to to the dynamics of the Cold War”, Rui Lopes tells us. This dossier is one of the main outputs of the project Amílcar Cabral, from Political History to Politics of Memory, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology and coordinated by Rui Lopes, that wrapped-up in 2019.

Two of the articles that make up the dossier were also written by IHC researchers, Victor Barros (“The French Anticolonial Solidarity Movement and the Liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde“) and Catarina Laranjeiro (“The Cuban Revolution and the Liberation Struggle in Guinea-Bissau: Images, Imaginings, Expectations and Experiences“). The remaining are by Branwen Gruffydd Jones, Natalia Telepneva — who also worked on the project — and Julião Soares Sousa.


Image: Bruna Polimeni (1971), No title, Mário Soares Foundation / DAC – Amílcar Cabral Documents (Source: Casa Comum)


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