José Neves receives fellowship from the British Academy

Jul 17, 2018 | News

José Neves, an IHC researcher and History professor at NOVA FCSH, was one of this year’s receivers of the Visiting Fellowship of the British Academy.

Over the next few months, he will develop a research project at the Department of Politics and International Relations of Goldsmiths, University of London, “to contribute to a better understanding of the processes related to the construction of current political leaderships”, as stated on the webpage of the British Academy.

The British institution further adds that because his research project focuses on the history of anti-colonialist dynamics in Portuguese colonialism, it will contribute to the broadening of the geographical scope of the research agenda of the Center for Postcolonial Studies of Goldsmiths.

The Visiting Fellowships from the British Academy are awarded, through a competitive call, to highly skilled foreign researchers wishing to develop a research project in the United Kingdom. With this incentive, the British Academy aims to help maintain the UK as a welcoming and attractive rehion for academics from around the world.

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