José Reis Santos



Contemporary Historian and Political Scientist with comprehensive knowledge of and vast experience in media relations, communication, networking and generating funding for extra-budgetary projects in research-based organisations; strong network of contacts in international organisations, NGOs, media and think tanks. Ability to master a broad range of administrative and political issues at the same time. Strong team-leading skills and high capacity to work under time pressure and readiness to adapt to changing political environments; astute in synthesizing information to develop technically sound strategies and programs. Strong interpersonal skills to ensure timely, correct and relevant information flow, and ability to work well in a multi-cultural team. Discretion and sound judgement in applying expertise to resolve complex and/or sensitive issues. Extensive experience in developing, organising and leading political campaigns, managing projects, conducting research and qualitative and quantitative interviews for further analysis.

Áreas de Investigação

  • História contemporânea
  • História comparada
  • Fascismo comparado

Publicações destacadas

  • Santos, José Reis. “Breves considerações sobre a recepção de António Oliveira Salazar no panorama intelectual da Nova Ordem dos anos 30,” Oficina do Historiador 9 (2016): 61-78. [PDF]
  • Krouwel, André, José Reis Santos & Matthew Wall, “The Electoral Vulnerability of Social Democratic Parties in Europe,” in In the Name of Political Union – Europarties on the Rise, editado por Ernst Stetter, Karl Duffek e Ania Skrzypek, 154-174. Polónia: FEPS Foundation for European Progressive Studies, 2013. [PDF]
  • Santos, José Reis. Salazar e as eleições: um estudo sobre as eleições gerais de 1942. Lisboa: Assembleia da República, 2011.

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