Connected Histories


Thematic line:
Connected Histories: State-Building, Social Movements and Political Economy

Coordinator: Manuel Loff


This thematic line highlights and renews IHC’s tradition in research on State building and change in modern society, as well as on the nature of political regimes and how they are outlined, and on revolutions and political transitions in the Portuguese 20th century.

To build up a connected histories perspective, we are committed to integrate and articulate the Portuguese case in global processes of transnational circulation of:

  1. Policies, ideologies and regimes in the 20th century;
  2. Models of representation and repertoires of protest and struggle in the history of social movements and citizenship; a first research project will be focusing on the process of global change in the 1960s, 70s and 80s;
  3. Modes of reception of transnational ideas and techniques, adaptation strategies, centre and periphery, negotiation and resistance of different economic actors in the context of the development of Portuguese and global capitalism.



To be announced in January 2019, in the framework of the IHC’s new strategic plan (2018-2022).


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