Olga Iglésias Neves



Since October 2013, she has been a member of the Institute of Contemporary History as a researcher in the Group on Comparative Political History. She concluded a PhD in Economic and Social History in 2009 from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, with the thesis: “O Movimento Associativo Africano em Moçambique. Tradição e Luta. 1926-1962”, under the supervision of Professors Fernando Rosas and Jill Dias. Since December 2009, she has been a researcher at the Centro de Estudos sobre África, Ásia e América Latina, in the CSG of the School of Economics and Management (ISEG) of the University of Lisbon. During her post-doctoral studies, she researched: “The Colonial Power and Islam’s Impact in Mozambique. 1954-1974 “, under the supervision of Professor Joana Pereira Leite, and presented the progress of this research in national and international conferences and journals.

Research fields

  • Mozambique
  • History
  • Memory
  • Heritage

Selected publications

  • Iglésias, Olga. “Peace and War in Mozambique: The Colonial Power and Islam’s Impact (Twentieth and Twenty-First Century),” Sociology Study 5 (2015): 676‐683. [PDF]
  • Fernandes, José Manuel, Maria de Lurdes Janeiro & Olga Iglésias Neves. Moçambique 1875/1975. Cidades, Território e Arquitecturas. Lisbon: Author’s edition, 2008.
  • Iglésias, Olga, “Breve Caracterização Histórica de África,” in O Desenvolvimento do Continente Africano na Era da Mundialização, coordinated by Fátima Moura Roque, 105-125. Coimbra: Almedina, 2005. [link]
  • Neves, Olga Iglésias, “Moçambique,” in Nova História da Expansão Portuguesa, Volume XI, directed by Joel Serrão and A. H. de Oliveira Marques, 469-58. Lisbon: Editorial Estampa, 2001.

Main projects

  • Collaboration with the development project of the Museum of Resistance and Clandestinity in Maputo. 2014-


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