Comparative Political History

Research group: Comparative Political History

Coordination: Yvette Santos

The Comparative Political History (HPC) research group devotes itself to study of the political History of Portugal, from the dawn of liberalism in the nineteenth century to the dramatic changes at the beginning of the twenty-first century, in a comparative perspective. It gathers around 80 researchers, of which 50 are integrated researchers of the IHC.

With the priority of promoting and developing comparative History, as well as preserving and processing the memories of past dictatorships, the HPC favours the study of the processes of political change; political regimes and their dynamics; colonialism and the relations between colonial and postcolonial processes; uses of memory and the challenges of the history of the present time.

The research group promotes different individual and collective actions, in the national and international context, which include the organisation of and participation in scientific meetings; the development of research projects; the publication of books, book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals; and advanced training. At the same time, it seeks to encourage the increase of scientific exchange, through the creation of partnerships with other research units, the promotion of debates on issues which affect the present, and historical communication with educational and civic purposes.



  • ­To encourage the publication of scientific works: books, book chapters, articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals;
  • To support the preparation of PhD thesis and postdoctoral research projects;
  • To promote and support the presentation of research projects;
  • To respond to the requests, by public or private entities, for the provision of scientific services;
  • To promote the creation and internationalisation of scientific cooperation networks with other national or foreign research groups or scientific units;
  • To promote the organisation of scientific training courses.

Integrated Researchers



Collaborating Researchers



Research fields

▪ European fascist regimes in the inter-war period;
▪ Revolutions, counter-revolutions and democratic transitions;
▪ Colonialism and postcolonialism;
▪ Memory and heritage in the construction of History;
▪ Liberalisms and nationalisms.


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