Elisabetta Girotto

Integrated Researchers, PhD


PhD at the doctoral school in history of the University of Tuscia and Marie Curie Fellow in 2009 at ICS — ULisboa; from 2010 to 2018 postdoc FCT at IHC— NOVA FCSH where she is currently researching as a junior researcher.

She is a specialist in gender and family history from a transversal and comparative perspective, in particular a researcher of fascism and the post-World War II period. Her interests include the history of political parties and movements as well as political cultures. She is an expert in mass communication applied to history and sociology. Her work concentrates on deciphering the narrative languages of art-house and amateur films; her studies are aimed at tracing caesuras, delays, but also contaminations between realities that are often apparently antithetical; the choice of this approach and of a methodology that is in some ways innovative is making it possible to highlight some of the most important nodes characterising the history of the European and transnational twentieth century.

Research fields

  • Gender
  • Family history

Selected publications

  • Girotto, Elisabetta. “Tutti al mare! Genere, famiglia e tempo libero nell’Italia degli anni Cinquanta del Novecento,” Officina della Storia 30 (2020). [link]🔓
  • Girotto, Elisabetta, “La educación popular en la Italia de los años cincuenta del siglo XX. La familia y la educación en la representación cinematográfica del Estado italiano y del Servicio de Información de los Estados Unidos (USIS),” in Formas y espacios de la educación popular en la Europa mediterránea. Siglos XIX y XX, edited by Jean-Louis Guereña and Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, 297-313. Madrid: Casa de Velázquez, 2016. [link]
  • Girotto, Elisabetta. “Famiglia, politica e mass media. La rappresentazione audiovisiva nel Pci e nella Dc degli anni cinquanta,” Memoria e Ricerca 47 (2014). [link]

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