Adelino Cunha

Integrated Researchers, PhD


Adelino Cunha holds a degree in Contemporary History from Lusíada University and a PhD in History from the University of Lisbon, within the framework of the Interuniversity PhD Programme in History: Change and continuity in a global world. Professor of Contemporary History at the European University, he specialises in the study of Portuguese oppositions, namely the Portuguese Communist Party and its relations with the International Communist Movement. He is the author of several books, e.g., Os Filhos da Clandestinidade – A História da desagregação das famílias comunistas no exílio [The Children of Clandestinity – The Story of the Breakdown of Communist Families in Exile], the biography of Júlio de Melo Fogaça, and the biography of Álvaro Cunhal (included in the National Reading Plan).


Research fields

  • Portuguese Communist Pary
  • Studies of Communism
  • Exile
  • Biographies

Selected publications

  • Cunha, Adelino. “The roots of the Portuguese Communist Party. The Introduction of Marxist ideas in Portugal and the creation of the Portuguese Maximalist Federation,” Historia Contemporánea 64 (2020): 883-918. [link] 🔓
  • Cunha, Adelino. Álvaro Cunhal, Retrato pessoal e íntimo. Cascais: Edições Desassossego, 2019. [link]
  • Cunha, Adelino. Júlio de Melo Fogaça. Cascais: Edições Desassossego, 2018. [link]
  • Cunha, Adelino. “Identidade imperial e multietnicidade na União Soviética. Ensaio bibliográfico,” Ler História 69 (2016): 125-137. [link] 🔓

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