Guida Casella



Guida Casella, n.1974, Lisbon, Portugal, Has a Degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon in (2000).
She earned an MA in Archaeological Illustration from the University of Bath, UK ( 2005). The dissertation titled “The Picturesque in Archaeological / Historical Landscape Illustrations” focused on the History of Drawing and related the Antiquarian Illustrations to Romanticism Painting, namely to the Picturesque aesthetic category.

She started her professional activity as scientific illustrator and information designer in 1998, working for several Archaeological research Units (IPPAR, DAI, UNIARQ, CAM, ERA).
Her visual work has been published in several magazines (Archaeology, Archeologia Viva, Revista Portuguesa de Arqueologia, BBC Channel4) and she produced visual storytelling for documental exhibits. (Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Centro de Interpretação de Castelo Velho, Centro de Interpretação do Mosteiro da Batalha).

She has been teaching at Undergraduate and Graduate level and has supervised and examined MA dissertations in the field of Visualization for Cultural Heritage at ISEC, ESAP and Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

Currently she is working on her PhD research in Digital Media_Interactive Content Creation at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade NOVa de Lisboa (NOVA FCSH) under the UT Austin Portugal Programme. Her research interest is in the History of Scientific Image and how Digital Culture is changing the visual language and scope of archaeological research and dissemination.

Áreas de Investigação

  • História da ciência
  • História da imagem científica
  • Museografia digital
  • Humanidades digitais

Publicações destacadas

Projectos principais

  • Colaboração (guião um projecto social de robótica) no projecto “F.R.O.G. Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide” — Coordenado por Vanessa Evars (University of Twente) e financiado pelo Sétimo Programa Quadro da União Europeia (FP7 STREP nr. 288235). 2012-2013 [link]
  • Colaboração no projecto “A Imagem na Ciência e na Arte” — Coordenado por Olga Pombo (Centro de Filosofia da Ciência da FCUL) e financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/EAT/64201/2006). 2010-2011. [link]
  • Colaboração no projecto “IDEAL – Intercultural Drawing for European Adult Learning” — Coordenado por Tom Jones (The Campaign for Drawing) e financiado pelo programa europeu GRUNDTVIG (2009-1-GB2-GRU06-01727). 2010-2011. [link]


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