IHC joins the new IN2PAST Associate Laboratory

Feb 25, 2021 | News

The Institute of Contemporary History takes a new step forward in its history, with the creation of IN2PAST, the Associate Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Heritage, Arts, Sustainability and Territory. Approved in the competition that the Foundation for Science and Technology opened in 2020, and whose results were announced yesterday, the new Associate Laboratory brings together, in addition to the IHC, the following research units: CESEM, CHAIA, CRIA, HERCULES, IHA, and LAB2PT. The possibility for the IHC to actively participate in this application is due to the commitment made by the University of Évora and the NOVA University Lisbon (our two management institutions) with the main objectives of the programme: to create more opportunities for careers in scientific research and to support the development of public policies.

The new status as an Associate Laboratory is understood by us as a recognition and a strong stimulus to the work that we have developed in recent years, highlighting the affinity between the thematic lines that preside over the current IHC strategic project and the research lines of IN2PAST. Issues such as the uses of the past (from memory studies to museology), modern mediations (from arts to digital humanities) and precarious worlds (with an emphasis on environmental history) have been embraced by us in recent years and have found new partners and greater reach within the framework of IN2PAST. For the IHC, this is also a great opportunity to further strengthen the collaborative relationships with cultural institutions essential to historiographical research and the presence of history in the public sphere, namely archives, museums and monuments.

Furthermore, the adventure that now begins has a transdisciplinary sense that challenges us, joining colleagues from disciplinary areas such as chemistry, architecture, musical studies, art history, or anthropology. The award of the title of Associate Laboratory to IN2PAST is also a reason for encouragement for the disciplinary field of ​​History and Archeology, since the IHC is the first research center in this area to which the status has been granted. This encouragement extends also to the Social and Human Sciences, since, up until now, only the ICS (University of Lisbon) and the CES (University of Coimbra) benefited from the status of Associate Laboratory. The creation of IN2PAST is certainly a reason for joy for the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, which, through the IHC, CRIA, IHA, and CESEM, thus sees the excellence of its research units recognized.

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