Historical Memory Week remembers the ‘Battle of Repil’

Apr 8, 2021 | News

Cartaz/programa da Semana de Memoria Histórica de Cereixa

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The abandoned village of Repil, in Galicia, where three combatants from the II Agrupación del Ejército Guerrillero de Galicia were slaughtered by the Guardia Civil, on 20 April 1949, will be the stage for Cereixa’s Historical Memory Week, between the 19th and 25th of April.

In addition to an architectural conditioning and rehabilitation of the ruins of the Amaro family home, where the fighting took place, daily guided tours of the site will be organised (at 12 noon), as well as a series of conferences, which will take place in the same ruins (outdoors, due to the ongoing sanitary measures), and book presentations in Cereixa. Interventions by historians and archaeologists will address issues related to anti-Francoist guerrillas and political repression in Spain and other countries.

The cycle ends on the 25th of April with a historical memory tour about the Spanish Civil War, with Xurxo Ayán Vila; and a poetry session with Olga Novo, National Poetry Prize (Spain), on the figure of Ticiano Picón, an anarchist professor who worked in Castroncelos during the Second Republic and died in a French concentration camp after the end of the War. The poet will be accompanied by a recreation of the Celtic Battalion, which fought against fascism in the Basque Country, coordinated by Xabier Herrero Acosta (Universidad del País Vasco). There will also be an evocation of the 25th of April 1974 Revolution in portugal.

This is an initiative of the Asociación de Vecinos María Castaña de Cereixa, with the collaboration of the Institute of Contemporary History, INCIPIT (CSIC) and the Municipality of A Pobra do Brollón. IHC researcher Xurxo Ayán Vila is the coordinator.



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