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Oct 4, 2019 | News

In the end of September, the IHC transferred its headquarters to new facilities at the Almada Negreiros College, located on the Campolide Campus of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

The Almada Negreiros College was built on the nineteenth century and is better known as the Jesuit College or the Campolide College. Its first occupants were precisely from that religious order but, in the twentieth century, it also hosted a military hospital and, most recently, the NOVA School of Business and Economics — NOVA SBE.

Since the first day of October, you can find the IHC Board at room 329 and the management team at room 327, both located on the third floor of the building. Also on the third floor, at room 331, the IHC’s Digital Humanities Lab. The researchers have shared working rooms on the first and second floors.


Ilustração do Colégio de Campolide em 1908

The Campolide College in 1908 (Álbum de Ouro do Colégio de Campolide, 1908).

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