Fire in the Mud wins the INATEL Foundation Award at Doclisboa

Oct 30, 2023 | News

Fire in the Mud, the documentary directed by Catarina Laranjeiro and Daniel Barroca, won the Doclisboa INATEL Foundation Award for Best Film Dealing with Cultural and Traditional Practices as well as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

As we previously reported, Fire in the Mud “portrays the Guinean town of Unal, a village of rice farmers whose population played a crucial role in the liberation struggle against Portuguese colonialism in Guinea-Bissau, the first to get involved in the armed struggle, mobilising ancestral spirits, the Irãs.” Following the villagers through a rice cycle, the filmmakers captured a daily life still haunted by the memory of wars, with traumas that are also inscribed in their rituals, bodies, landscape, and music.

The award-winning film will be screened again today, 30 October, at Cinema Ideal, at 10PM.



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