IHC and Abrantes Municipality sign a collaboration agreement

Feb 15, 2019 | News

On February 10, the City Council of Abrantes (CMA) and NOVA FCSH, through the Institute of History Contemporary (IHC), signed a Collaboration Agreement at the award-winning Duarte Ferreira Metal Industry Museum (MDF), in the village of Tramagal.

The purpose of the agreement is to formalise and kick-start cooperation between the three institutions, aiming to develop historical research, analysis, inventory, organisation, and dissemination of the region’s cultural heritage, as well as various scientific and cultural activities, ranging from training sessions, exhibitions, and the dissemination of knowledge through digital platforms.

Pedro Aires Oliveira, President of the IHC, expressed his satisfaction with the recognition of IHC’s work quality this act represented and stated that he was sure of the added value that this collaboration could bring to the valorization of Abrantes’ rich heritage, a municipality where there’s also been a strategic investment in culture.

The document was signed by the mayor of Abrantes, Maria do Céu Albuquerque, Francisco Caramelo, director of NOVA FCSH, and Pedro Aires Oliveira, in the presence of a large audience, on the day that marked the 163rd anniversary of Eduardo Duarte Ferreira.

According to the mayor, this partnership “enables the scientific contribution of undergraduate, masters and doctoral students from the IHC for the study of Duarte Ferreira Metal Industry’s heritage, having in mind the historical preservation, development, and enlargement of the MDF Museum”, in Tramagal.


Fotografia que mostra o público na assinatura do protocolo de colaboração entre a Câmara Municipal de Abrantes, a NOVA FCSH e o Instituto de História Contemporânea

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Photos: Abrantes City Council

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