Justice, Regulation, and Society

Research group: Justice, Regulation, and Society

Coordination: Paula Borges Santos


The research group’ Justice, Regulation, and Society’ (JRS) promotes and develops studies on the historical realities of the modern and  contemporary world (19th and 20th centuries), which acknowledge and address the cultural dimension of the law, the influence of politics and the law on economic and social behaviours.

Our research is based on historiographic thought, but adds different approaches to Law and to institutions, captured in an interdisciplinary environment, examining national and transnational tendencies. The transnational dimension has been cultivated, through training seminars on political and judicial European history, which provide researchers with the tools that allow for truly sustained comparative approaches, and through the participation of the members of JRS in international scientific projects.

JRS also benefits from partnerships, consolidated through different scientific actions (editions, post-graduate training, scientific meetings, international scientific networks) with foreign research centres and universities, namely in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, and Brazil. JRS researchers maintain, in the works they develop, a regular cooperation and dialogue with entities from the central and local administration of the Portuguese State and with institutions of civil society. This involvement has not only allowed for the academic valorisation of public and private archives, still not very explored, but it also has been effective in the dissemination of research results.



  • To strengthen the international and interdisciplinary character of the research carried out under JRS, so that the group can assert itself as the meeting locus on a transnational level and attract researchers involved in doctoral and post-doctoral programs;
  • In all scientific actions, to collaborate with and keep an openness towards researchers in the fields of History, Law, and other Social Sciences, interested in the cultural dimension of law and the influence of the law and the institutions’ policy in social and economic behaviours;
  • To position the topics and results of our research on the national and international scientific agendas;
  • To give continuity to the established scientific partnerships and identify new partner institutions;
  • To continue to ensure the regular publication of research results, in the academic circuit and through outreach actions, using public history methods.

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Research fields

▪ Judiciary professions;
▪ Criminal investigation;
▪ Organised interests and the State;
▪ Political criminalization.




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