Economy, Society, Heritage, and Innovation

Research Group: Economy, Society, Heritage, and Innovation

Coordination: Ricardo Noronha

The Economy, Society, Heritage, and Innovation research group (ESPI) interprets the contemporary economic and social dynamics and the challenges of internationalisation and globalisation; and it introduced – between 2012 and 2016 – the history of innovation and the social impacts of the First World War as new subjects of historical analysis.

ESPI researches the foundations of modern Economy and of the development of the contemporary world, not only through historical methods, and those of historical timelines, but also with a perspective on the most relevant contemporary challenges. Economy, as a whole, comprises not only macroeconomic variables but also historical, social, and political dimensions which are fundamental for the developed or underdeveloped profile of countries, regions and continents.

Innovation was studied in its historical dimension, adding to this dimension the social and political history of science and technology, as well as introducing the history of heritage and valuing its tangible and intangible components in terms of economic and social development.

In this way, ESPI presents a pioneering and original perspective for contemporary historiography.










  • To invest in collaborative research dynamics, deepening or searching for new partnerships on a national and international levels, in Europe, in the Ibero-American world and in the Portuguese-speaking world;
  • To prepare project applications for international competitions (namely H2020 and ERC), following the good results achieved by the group;
  • To guarantee the success of the combination between scientific production, advanced training of researchers (i.e. NOVA Summer Schools Series in Interdisciplinary Courses) and the collaboration in social and cultural activities, reinforcing the way in which we try to share and disseminate knowledge, ensuring its social outreach.







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Research fields

▪ Economic development and social dynamics;
▪ Economic spaces: Europeanisation, globalisation;
▪ Public policies and innovation;
▪ Cultural heritage and public uses of the past.


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