Natália Melo



Natália Melo has a degree in Environmental Sciences (2007) and a Master in Environmental Citizenship and Participation (2011). She is currently enrolled in the PhD in History and Philosophy of Science (specialisation in Museology) at the University of Évora. Her research focuses on the history of exhibitions on climate change and the Anthropocene, and the role of the arts as a driver for the dissemination of scientific issues and facilitator of social debates around these topics.

Research fields

  • History of exhibitions
  • Exhibitions about climate change
  • Museums
  • Anthropocene

Selected publications

  • Melo, Natália N., “Cabinet of Curiosities – Pickstone’s Ways of Knowing and the Natural History of Climate Change Exhibition in Portugal and Spain,” in Web of Knowledge: A Look into the Past, Embracing the Future, edited by Sara Albuquerque, Teresa Ferreira, Maria de Fátima Nunes, Ana Cardoso de Matos and António Candeias, 109-112. Évora / Faro: Universidade de Évora / Sílabas & Desafios, 2019. [PDF]

Main projects

  • Researcher in the project “PLAY/ACT – Placemaking as Youth Activism” — Coordinated by Leonel Alegre (HERCULES — University of Évora) and funded by the European Comission (2021-1-PT01-KA220-HED-000027582). [link]
  • Researcher in the project “MAGALLANES_ICC — Centro Magallanes para el Emprendimiento de Industrias Culturales y Creativas” — Coordinated, in Portugal, by António Candeias (HERCULES — University of Évora) and funded by the programme Iterreg España-Portugal of the European Union (0752_MAGALLANES_ICC_5_E). [link]
  • Researcher in the project “Rebellion and Resistance in the Iberian Empires, 16th-19th centuries” — Coordinated by Mafalda Soares da Cunha (CIDEHUS — University of Évora) and funded by the European Comission (MSCA Grant agreement ID: 778076). [link]


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