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Conferência Internacional "Desporto, Ditadura e Fascismo"
FCSH/NOVA | Edifício ID, Sala 0.06
Conferência Internacional
20 e 21 de Junho 2017

Uma conferência organizada pelo IHC que visa abordar as temáticas do desporto, ditadura e fascismo no Sul da Europa durante o século XX.

The research group "Economy, Society, Innovation and Heritage" at the Institute for Contemporary History (University Nova of Lisbon) has decided to organize a conference dedicated to the relationship between: "Sport, Dictatorship and Fascism" in modern Southern Europe, during the 20th century.

The common Catholic matrix, the authoritarian past and the intense cultural relations of the three countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal) makes an interesting case study within the framework of the history of European circulation of ideas.

The transnational nature of sport can provide the perspective from which to analyse the political and social past of Southern Europe, allowing us to highlight even the most contradictory facets about the relationship between the masses, leisure and the State.

Scholars from the University of Bologna, of the European University of Madrid and representatives from British and Portuguese universities were invited to attend the conference and discuss this questions at length, aiming at analysing the similarities and differences between the various cases; they will also discuss the role of arts and social politics in order to understand if an idea of sport beyond national borders was also present. In this way, it will be possible to overcome the traditional interpretation of sport as an instrument at nations’ service, it will instead be considered, an important element in the chain of relations between the three countries under study.

This moment of knowledge sharing is open to who want to participate and present papers related with this thematic.


Oradores convidados:

Alejandro Quiroga, Newcastle University, Reino Unido
José Manuel Meirim, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Juan Antonio Simón, University of Europe, Madrid, Espanha
Patrizia Dogliani, University of Bologna, Itália
Martin Polley, De Montfort University, Leicester, Reino Unido
Nicola Sbetti, University of Bologna, Itália





Inglês e português (não haverá tradução simultânea)


Custo de inscrição:

Geral e investigadores: 50€
Estudantes: 25€



Rita Nunes (IHC-FCSH/NOVA; Comité Olímpico Português)
Daniele Serapiglia (IHC-FCSH/NOVA; Università di Bologna)
Alcino Pedrosa (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)