Prémio André Corvisier 2018

Dez 22, 2017 | Oportunidades, Prémios

Prazo de candidatura: 31 de Janeiro de 2018
International Commission of Military History

Resumo: The International Commission of Military History ( awards the “André Corvisier Prize for PhD theses on Military History”, named after the distinguished French scholar who was for ten years President of ICMH and then President of Honour.
The PhD title can be obtained not necessarily in Military History, but also in other disciplines. However, the thesis must deal with Military History in the broadest sense: the history of warfare, of military campaigns, of the armed forces, of military thinking, diplomatic aspects of conflicts, causes and effects of wars, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces.
For the 2018 edition, the prize will be awarded for a PhD thesis discussed and approved in 2017 in a recognized University.

Tema: História militar

Montante do prémio: 3 000€ (+1500€ para deslocação)

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