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Valério Torreggiani graduated from the Roma Tre University and obtained a Master’s degree from the same university with a dissertation about contemporary history on corporate thought in Italy. Since his PhD (2012-2015), he has turned his attention to the history of the international dissemination of corporate ideas, focusing especially on the case of Great Britain in the first half of the 20th century.

He was a post-doctoral researcher (2016-2017) in Economic History at the Roma Tre University, undergoing a project of analysis of the economic thought concerning the rural plans of the Italian fascist regime and also developing a project on the history of financial systems in the contemporary age.

He is a member of the group LISE (Laboratorio Italiano di Storia Economica) of the Roma Tre University, of the NETCOR – Network for the Analysis of Corporatism and Organized Interests and of the MAOIE project – Mapping and Analysis Organized Interests in Europe: from 1900 to our days. He has published several articles in national and international scientific journals and some chapters in books with international publishers.

Research fields

  • History of political and juridical thought
  • History of contemporary financial systems
  • History of organised interests groups
  • British history

Selected publications

  • Torreggiani, Valerio, “The Making of Harold Macmillan’s Third Way in Interwar Britain (1924–1935),” in New Political Ideas in the Aftermath of the Great War, edited by Alessandro Salvador and Anders G. Kjøstvedt, 67-85. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. [link]
  • Torreggiani, Valerio. “Il corporativismo nell’esperienza inglese degli anni trenta. Auto-governo industriale e rappresentanza degli interessi,” Memoria e Ricerca 53 (2016): 541-560. [link]
  • Torreggiani, Valerio. “Towards An Orderly Society. Capitalist Planning and Corporatist Ideology in Britain in the Great Slump (1931-1934),” Journal of European Economic History XLV (2016): 67-97. [PDF]
  • Torreggiani, Valerio. “Rediscovering the Guild System. The New Age Circle as a British Laboratory of Corporatist Ideas (1906-1916),” Oficina do Historiador 9 (2016): 25-42. [PDF]

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