The IHC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs honour the Portuguese victims of the nazi terror

Mauthausen Memorial

For the first time, following a proposal by the researchers of the project "Portuguese forced labour in the Third Reich", coordinated by Fernando Rosas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will honour all the Portuguese victims of the nazi terror.

The tribute will take place in Austria, on 7 May, with the placement of an evocative plaque on the Mauthausen Memorial, under the scope of the annual Liberation Ceremonies

The Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs will be there, as well as diplomats, Fernando Rosas, and other researchers.

This marks the final steps of a research project that began about three years ago and that will finish in November, with an exhibition and an international conference at the Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon). The exhibition will showcase a general overview of the Nazi Germany's forced labour, but also the Portuguese mobilisation to the concentration camps: "Besides putting forth an explanation for the ways that led these Portuguese to the forced labour in Germany, we also try to tell several personal stories we have detected and that we were able, at least partially, to reconstruct", tells us Fernando Rosas.

Besides Rosas, the research team also includes Ansgar Schaefer, Cláudia Ninhos, António Carvalho, Cristina Clímaco, and António Muñoz. The project was funded by the German Foundation EVZ – Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft (specialised in projects about forced labour in Germany), by Lisbon's Goethe-Institut, and by NOVA's Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.


Picture: Mauthausen Memorial (Author: Ansgar Schaefer)