IHC researchers coordinate the Dictionary of Portuguese History – The 25th of April

Book launch

António Reis, Maria Inácia Rezola, and Paula Borges Santos are the coordinators of the Dictionary of Portuguese History – The 25th of April (Dicionário de História de Portugal – 25 de Abril), a work in preparation for the last four years and that involved over 150 historians and other specialists.

In a press release, the coordinators state that this work "aims to bridge the gap in the academic and editorial panorama, many times pointed by contemporary historians". They also add that the goal of this dictionary is to "offer an instrument of synthesis, where we gather information already published and problems that are less or badly studied".

The dictionary tries to "systematise, with scientific rigour, information about the political, cultural, social, and economic institutions; political parties; the biographies of political, military, cultural, and religious characters; general aspects about the Estate and its public policies, the main social movements, the ideologies, the economy and innovation, the religious diversity, literature and the arts", as per the same release.

The first of four volumes will be launched next Thursday, 20 April, by the IHC's president, Pedro Aires Oliveira, and by the political scientist Marina Costa Lobo. The event will take place at FNAC Chiado at 6:30 PM.