Anne Pedro



Projecto de tese de doutoramento:
“Urban transformation, social change and austerity policies in Lisbon.” We propose to analyse the processes that link the production of urban space and the spatialisation of society to capitalist dynamics, i.e to explain the economic and social logic at work in the production of urban space. We hypothesize that the social relations of production produce urban space so that they can reproduce themselves. Our working hypothesis is that the process of urban renewal and the recovery from a crisis thanks to real estate speculation falls within the urban land rent search for capital, according to the logic of “the attractiveness of territories”, which is valid at the local level as well as at European level. This strategy involves a commodification of the land produced by the legislator on the one hand, and a policy of reduced labour costs – a change in the capital / labour ratio – which aims to promote exports on the other hand. The construction of the housing market and the wage austerity in Lisbon alter the spatial economic activities and the social body, through a process of gentrification that accompanies the specialization of the city in tourism, an essential resource for the production of urban land rent . This dynamic affects social change. First by a dynamic of concentration of income and wealth. Secondly, because the land rent replaces the salary, which is not without effect on the adherence to the social and political order.

Áreas de Investigação

  • Sociologia urbana
  • Gentrificação

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